National Geographic 4 months ago

Photograph by @paulnicklen // A fractured seascape. Spring ice breaks up along the coast of Svalbard, Norway. For many, they simply see ice and only ice. For others, they see the foundation of the entire Arctic food chain. Ice is a platform for ringed and bearded seals; it is a super highway for polar bears and Arctic foxes; it is an upside down garden for phytoplankton, amphipods, copepods and polar cod. When scientists talk about the Arctic being completely void of sea ice during the summer months in the near future, it should be an alarm bell that rings loudly in all of our ears. #followme on @paulnicklen to learn more about the causes and solutions for climate change. For @sea_legacy Thank you for your eagle eyes @jens_wikstrom_photography #ice #nature #photooftheday #climatechangeisreal

Source : Instagram Via : salman