National Geographic 4 months ago

Photo by @woods_galimberti and @gabrielegalimbertiphoto - Employees at Vicarious, an artificial intelligence company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Vicarious is developing machine learning software based on the computational principles of the human brain. Known as the Recursive Cortical Network (RCN), it is a visual perception system that interprets the contents of photographs and videos in a manner similar to humans. For example Vicarious has been able to produce software that enables machines to read Captcha, a test supposed to tell computers from humans. Vicarious has received funding from some of the major players in the Silicon Valley such as Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Vinod Khosla, Ashton Kutcher and Jeff Bezos. In the photo Wenzhao Lian is working with a Baxter robot teaching it how to recognize different forms and objects. #ai #artificialintelligence #genius #captcha #vicarious #siliconvalley #bayarea #sanfrancisco #robot @instituteartist

Source : Instagram Via : salman