National Geographic 4 months ago

Photo by @petekmuller. Members of the National Geographic @intotheokavango river expedition team paddle dugout canoes, known as mokoros, along the #Cubango River in Angola. The upper reaches of the river are narrow and wind tightly through highland savannah. Each night, the temperature plummets to near freezing, leaving frost on our tents and mist above the river. By midday, however, temperatures climb into the high 80s (30 Celsius) and the sun shines powerfully. The river-based team moves camp each night and carries with them all the camping and scientific equipment that they require. Setting up and taking down camp accounts for a considerable part of the day's activities. In the coming weeks, the team will traverse every navigable meter of the #Cubango in order to conduct a comprehensive biodiversity and water quality assessment. More to come. #cubango2017 #intotheokavango #science #angola #Africa #nature #wild #adventure

Source : Instagram Via : salman