National Geographic 4 months ago

Photo by @martinschoeller Martin: “How are you doing tonight?” Teddy: “I’m fine. I’m here, that’s half the battle, right?” M: “I like your attitude.” T: “Hopefully things will work out. I’ve got a job interview on Monday.” M: “What kind of job?” T: “For the city, maintenance, the county actually.” M: “I hope it works out. Many jobs pay so little that it’s even hard to afford an apartment.” T: “Right, yeah, that’s the problem, the apartments out here are insane, even if you move to the bad areas, you’re still looking at twelve hundred... you know. Depends how big your family is." M: "Where is your family?” T: “My wife works part-time, barely part time. But that money goes to babysitting and things for the kids.” M: “You don’t live with your family?” T: “She’s staying with a coworker and they’re tight. Yeah, it’s crazy the way things are. I’ll just stay here on the street." M: “How old are your kids?” T: “Nine, six and five. The five-year-old will be six on the 24th, Saturday, and the six-year-old will be seven on October the second. So for about a week they’re the same age." M: “So you see them all the time?” T: “Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Every day. I was there earlier today. My situation is different, I just need a job. A lot of people out here may have some drug problems or medical problems. That’s not who I am.” M: “That’s what I want to show with this project, everybody on the street is different." T: “Yeah, I just need a job. Yeah that’s my only thing. One job and a paycheck.” M: “I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.” . . . For more portraits/stories, follow me @martinschoeller + @martinschoellerstudio

Source : Instagram Via : salman